Quick Font Reset for MacVIM

When my eyes are tired, or if I want to put my feet up on my desk and relax while still coding I usually bump my VIM font up way high. This is nice and easy with MacVIM because the standard OS X keyboard shortcut applies (Command+Plus). The problem is, when I’m ready to go back to my normal font size I have to hit Command+Minus a bunch of times or source my .gvimrc to get back to the normal font size

I was in the middle of doing this today when I thought “man, it would be nice if I could hit Command+0 like in other apps and go back to the standard font size”. Then I realized I was using VIM and I could do that. So here ya go:

nnoremap <D-0> :set guifont=Meslo\ LG\ M\ DZ:h10<CR>